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Speaker, entrepreneur, H2H economy lover & idea generator
The last decade I was, amongst other things, the Chief Evangelist and Head of People & Culture at the Dutch impact brand Tony's Chocolonely. A chocolate company with a mission to make all chocolate 100% slavery free, across the globe.
Before that I launched the English B-Corps called 'innocent drinks' on the European continent, I was professor Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Leadership at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, I advised companies in the field of sustainable strategy and communication. I wrote several sustainability reports and also a line of books about how to live your life more consciously both at home and at the office.
Now I inspire organisations to chose the right path when it comes to truly purposeful entrepreneurship. Because too many times the wrong path is chosen.
Time to look ahead and claim your position in the Post Purpose Era.
Let me tell you how.
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(Anti-)social entrepreneurship

An energetic presentation about truly purposeful entrepreneurship, about impactful marketing, about culture and teams, and the lessons to be learned from brands like Tony's Chocolonely and others. It is time to start seeing Social Entrepreneurship as the new norm, and to put Antisocial Entrepreneurs in the niche, the fringes, of entrepreneurship. Instead of the other way around. Rethink, reframe and redo.

Fear of Missing Purpose

There you go into a lovely hotel with the complete marketing team to find your purpose, because after Simon Sinek you just had to. And you come out with a couple of great activations about all the well intended ways your brand will save this world. Preferably even a thingie on YouTube with a dramatic piano tune. But is that what the consumer really cares about? They just want you to help them have a more healthy, more fun, more sustainable, happier life.

Growing, always growing. Why?

The basis of our whole system is endless growth. Even 'grow or die'. Otherwise you are unsuccessful apparently. But aren't we growing ourselves into oblivion? Whether we talk about the economy, your HR strategy, sustainability or purpose, perhaps it's better to take a different perspective at times. Perhaps even profit minimilization as a goal. Because the world, and society, is showing severe stretchmarks.

Energetic keynote presentations about
finding your spot in the post-purpose era.

Human Resources

The most inhumane word in the dictionary. It is about people and culture, and putting your team on nr 1. I love to tell you all about it.

New leadership

A new perspective on leadership. Because only Gordon Ramsay gets away with Gordon Ramsay behaviour. Not you.

H2H Economics

No more B2B or B2C, but 21st century capitalism needs to be all about Human to Human economics, about empathy and new leadership.
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