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Keynote speaker, Post-Purpose Preacher and Marketing Activist

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Speaker, entrepreneur, H2H economy lover & idea generator
If I were to ask you: “What brands truly made a significant change to your life?”. How many can you come up with? I bet it wasn’t more than one or two.
And that’s exactly the sweet spot where brands need to be to remain relevant in a rapidly changing business environment.

With decades of speaking and management experience at pioneering brands like Tony’s Chocolonely and innocent drinks, I take my audience through the sense and nonsense of sustainable businesses and meaningful work.

I open a suitcase full of astonishing examples so that you start looking at product development, customer culture, marketing communication, employer branding, passion, and – 'purpose' – through a different lens.

Yes, that's a lot, because ultimately, you only achieve your goals when you get everyone in the value chain highly engaged. And that works best when you build and maintain a vibrant company culture.

I make you laugh, get you moving, and make you think. After my story, you'll go back to your daily job bouncing with fresh energy and new ideas.
The topics of my talks...
Impactful entrepreneurship, highly engaged teams, energetic company cultures

Impactful entrepreneurship

An energetic presentation about truly purposeful entrepreneurship, about impactful marketing, about culture and teams, and the lessons to be learned from brands like Tony's Chocolonely and others.

Fear of Missing Purpose

We're all chasing our purpose like bees to the honey. And mostly we talk about all the amazing sustainable stuff we do. But is that what the consumer really cares about? They just want you to help them have a more healthy, more fun, more sustainable, happier life.

Highly engaged teams

Organizations need to reach their goals to survive. And you can only reach those goals if you have your whole team on board. But how do you get those engagement levels where they need to be? And how do you create the culture where people can thrive in?

Energetic keynote presentations with equal parts
inspiration, content and fun.

important topics in 2024

How HR kills puppies

'Human Resources'; the most inhumane word in the dictionary. It is about people and culture, and how putting your team on nr 1 builds impact.

New leadership

A new perspective on leadership. One that is uniting, transformative and authentic.

H2H Economics

No more B2B or B2C, but 21st century capitalism needs to be all about Human to Human economics, about empathy and serving others.
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